Let’s Learn Flutter Together!


Codeman is a documentation site for learning Flutter from basic to advanced. For those of you who are still starting to learn, it’s time for us to learn together!

What will we learn?

We will learn Flutter from installation to creating projects for our portfolio. Our learning reference is based on roadmap.sh/flutter.​

Learning Roadmap ​

We will learn based on a clear roadmap from beginner to advanced.

Create Project

We will practice coding to create a project.


We will make the project that has been created into a portfolio.

Social Media​

All our learning trips will be posted on social media.


Everything we learn is free!.

Help & Support​​​

If there are difficulties, we can solve them together.


This is our portfolio, let’s make it even more interesting!.​

Study Partners

I am very open to learning with you. It’s time for you to join!​

“One Hour After Work Learning Flutter”​

One Hour After Work Learn Flutter. Our main job is the main priority and learning Flutter must be consistent every day after work.
Remember! Finish your work first then study.

Herman Dwi Yulianto​

Your Friend!​

Would you like to start a project with us?​

Contact me to create a flutter mobile app project.